Monday, April 13, 2009

A spread cooked by Laku and Bobo

* The desert recipe is right at the end of this post*
Two of them cooked dinner for us last week. The meal started off with a cold pasta salad. It had macaroni, cucumber, boiled potato, capsicum, tomato, tossed with olive oil, ketchup, oregano and chilli flakes. Very nice especially on a hot summer day.

This was followed by stuffed capsicum - the filling was vegetarian - soya granules, peas, potato flakes and other masala for a tasty bite. Recipe can be got here

This was followed by a rich mushroom corn with white sauce, which was demolished with garlic bread.

Then for some yummy dessert.

I only know that these ingredients were used - a sauce of coffee, chocolate, cream, butter, jam and Marie/digestive biscuits, topped with vanilla ice cream. Once frozen and cut the layers were clearly visible. And it dissolved in the mouth and slid down the gullet and settled on the already existing layers of fat. But who cared!

Recipe for the Chocolate Biscuit Cake - (sent by Laku)
Layer 1

Biscuits- Marie or digestive. Nothing that already is sweet by itself.
2 to 4 tbsp- Coffee powder
Jam (Most flavours except Marmalade can be used)

Layer 2
1 cup- Fresh Cream
100 gms Butter
4 to 8 heaped tbsp of Cocoa/ Drinking Chocolate
Powdered Sugar

Thin layer of Vanilla Ice cream

1. Take a glass dish. Preferably square for easy arranging.
2. Make a coffee decoction and dip the biscuits in. Long enough for it to soak, but make sure they don't get too soggy and break.
3. Place one layer of the biscuits as a base without leaving any gap. If need be, break the biscuit in half for the centre bit.
4. Spread a thin layer of jam over the biscuits.
5. Now spread a generous helping of the mixture with all the ingredients in Layer 2.
6. Keep making such layers in alternation till the dish is almost full, making sure that the last layer is the chocolate mixture.
7. Spread a thin layer of vanilla ice cream on top of the cake.
8. Cover with cling wrap/aluminium foil and freeze without disturbing the same for at least 2 hours.
9. The dessert is ready when you can cut through it with a sharp knife like a cake.
10. Enjoy cold.

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  1. my goodness this looks delicious! And very simple to make actually. Oh what a great dessert!


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