Sunday, July 19, 2009

Groundnut Chiki (Peanut Brittle)

Peanuts - 1 cup
Jaggery - 3/4- 1 cup - lightly packed grated jaggery ( or can be substituted part with sugar or totally - but I like this kind)

Roast the peanuts till slightly brown. When cool rub the peanuts with your palm and remove the skin
Add a little water to the jaggery and keep on the fire till it melts a little.
Strain to remove impurities.
Meanwhile grease a plate and keep ready
Keep the strained syrup on fire
To test if the syrup is ready - keep a shallow plate with water.
As the syrup starts to froth and thicken, put a little drop in the water and it should form a hard ball ( hard ball stage of sugar cookery)
Add the de-husked peanuts.
Mix and pour on the greased plate.
Flatten to about 3/4" thickness evenly.
Mark the mass into square pieces ( by using a knife to make the lines across) when hot.
Allow to cool.
Separate the pieces.
The chiki is ready to eat.

The stage of jaggery syrup is important. I put the peanuts a little before it became a hard ball in the water. And what I got was nice chewy chiki. May not pass of as an excellent product, but that is how I like it!


  1. yum yum a little chant I am all excited and sitting up in my chair anxious to type this. This is soooo very good...I can tell. Thanks oh thanks for sharing this for I will be making this when I return from vacation.

  2. they look yummy! I used to love to eat this as a child. brought back memories:)

  3. Thank you for dropping down at my have rocking spce here...nice to discover u r that chikki...looks yummy....

  4. Hi Radha
    chikki looks so yum nice pic.First time to your blog nice place and yummy recipes.


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