Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rava Idli

Bombay Rava - 2 cups
Slightly sour curd - 3/4 cup ( fresh sweet curd can give yellowish tinge to idlis)
Cooking soda - large pinch
Salt to taste
Carrots - 1 medium - grated
Peas- 25gms
Onion - 1 medium
Corriander leaves - finely chopped
Cashew (optional)
Pepper pods
Oil for seasoning

Roast rava with little oil. This is to ensure that the rava grain gets coated with oil so that it does not become a sticky mass steamed. The rava should be taken off the fire before it begins to brown
Cool Rava. Add the curd, cooking soda, salt.
Take some oil once again add mustard, wait till it crackles and add onions and lightly saute them ( do not brown them) add carrot and peas. ( make sure that the peas are not raw. Steaming does not cook them at times) If required slightly pre cook them in the microwave.
Cool and add to the rava mixture.
Mix well.
Pour into idli moulds ( 2/3) and then steam them ( if in cooker - do not place the weight) for atleast 7-10 minutes.
Cool and remove from mould. Serve hot with chutney.
PS: The carrots can be added later on when you have put the batter in the mould. Put the grated carrot on top. This way the idlis retain their white colour.

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