Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Konkani cuisine - Ambe Upkari - Small mango curry

I was so pleased when my neighbour gave me these small mangoes.  In konkani, we call them 'ghonto', I was not sure if they were the actual ones.  These ghonto are mangoes that do not grow large in size, and as they ripen they are mostly green with a yellow tinge.  They get a little soft and have this sweet and tangy taste.  And so I messaged my Aruna akka and got the recipe for the mango curry - Ambe Upkari.

I do not know if this is a popular dish.  I mean most people would probably shudder at the  thought of a curry made with mango.  Yes, it is unusual, but delicious.  Tastes even better when you keep it overnight.

Ingredients -
am not specifying amounts here - everything approximate - and as long as you start with less, it can be adjusted even in the finished dish.

Mangoes - the green small variety
Green chili - keep it less - and depends on the spiciness of the chili - maybe two for six mangoes
Rice flour or All purpose flour - 1 tbsp (optiona)

Seasoning -
Oil - 1 tbsp
Red chilies ( optional) - I did not add
Urad or black gram dal
Curry leaves

Wash the mangoes well
Peel the skin with your fingers.  And take off as much flesh off them as possible with a little water
( with this variety, there will be flesh on the peel)
Keep the seed with the flesh in along with the pulp extracted
Add salt - this just gives it a nice balance.  So just a little
Jaggery to taste - this would depend on the sweetness of the pulp- this is not an overly sweet dish
Add a little water if too thick.

Now bring it to a boil.  Simmer
If the pulp seems a little thin, make a paste of rice flour/APF with a little water and add it
Allow the flour to cook and this will also thicken the gravy

Remove from fire.
Prepare the seasoning
Heat oil, add  red chili ( optional) mustard allow to splutter, the urad dal which can be lightly browned
Add the curry leaves.
Add the seasoning to the curry

Cool.  And refrigerate.  I like it best when it is chilled.
Tastes even better the next day

It's different.  Its tasty !

PS - if the jaggery contains impurities , dissolve in a little water and strain.


  1. Mango curry looks very delicious

  2. This is similar to mangai pacchadi that is made on varusha pirappu

    1. But the mango used there is the raw mango. This is ripe. But otherwise most of the ingredients are the same. The taste is definitely different.

  3. what a superb blend of flavors,looks delicious !

  4. Mango curry looks tempting, I think I can try with big mangoes which I get here, I have not seen small ones here.


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