Friday, June 12, 2015

Curry Leaves Powder - Karivepaku Podi

When you order groceries online, especially items like curry leaves, you get a whole bunch of it.  And however careful you are some of it has to be discarded after a few days.  And so I thought I would preserve it especially since the particular batch that was delivered was so very fresh. I had prepared this podi years ago, but had lost the recipe.  I found the book recently.  I cannot remember who gave me the recipe but it was  hastily handwritten in one of the pages at the back of the book.  It turned out as well as it had the first time.

Pre-preparation -

Items like curry leaves and tamarind need to be washed well to remove any impurities and then allowed to dry thoroughly.  At times, after I wash the leaves and drain them onto a tissue paper, I put them on a microwave safe plate and spread them out and keep them in the microwave for a minute or so.  This ensures that no moisture is left.  Of course, if one has the patience, sun drying is a good option.


Curry leaves - 1/2 cup to be  sautéed in a little oil
Dry coconut - 1/4- 1/2 cup

Dry roast -
Coriander seeds - 1 cup ( I reduced this a bit)
Red gram dal (Tuvar) - 1/2 cup
Black gram dal ( Urad) - 1/2 cup
Bengal gram dal (Channa) - 1/2 cup
Red chilies - 20 - you can reduce this if you do not want it too spicy
Cumin seeds - jeera - 2 tsp
Tamarind - a  little - maybe size of half a lime
Garlic - 1-2 big sized pods - I did not use

Salt to taste

First grind the dry roasted ingredients together.  And then add the curry leaves and coconut and make it a fine - some prefer a not so fine - powder.

Have it with some hot rice and ghee/oil

It can also be used to spice up a curry


  1. Hot rice mixed with kariveppilai podi and ghee along with roasted appalam is yummy

  2. looks healthy and new to me,haven't tasted before ..

  3. Yeah, we get karivepaku free, and by the bushel so I too make podi with this now and then. I like that yours remains green. Mine does too. I don't like it when it turns brown.

    1. I think this depends a lot on the quality of the curry leaf. It should be fresh. And should be in sufficient quantity. It gives the colour and also the karivepaku taste and flavour.


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