Thursday, March 21, 2013

Whole Moong Adai

In the state of Tamil Nadu, you can have a good hearty breakfast of Adai.  And in the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh, you can one that is as filling in a Pesarattu - the whole moong or green gram dosa.  If you combine the two as in the recipe that follows, you still get a good hearty meal, which to me felt easy on the tummy as compared to both.  I have christened it the Pesaru-adai.   I found this recipe when I was browsing old posts in The Chef and her Kitchen.   It has been slightly modified.

Raw Rice - 1 measure
Whole moong ( Green gram) - 1/2 measure
Black gram dal (Urad dal) - 1/2 measure
Red chilies - few - to taste
Asafoetida - large pinch
Salt to taste
Onions - finely chopped (optional)
Oil - for making the dosa

Soak rice, moong, urad dal for a few hours
Grind to a fine paste with chilies, salt and hing ( Adai is generally ground to a coarse paste, but we like it this way)
Add onions to the batter.
Heat a pan.
Smear with oil
Spread the dosa batter to make a thin round dosa/crepe
Preferably cover the dosa so that the upper side also gets partially cooked.
Allow the underside to brown.
Flip and keep for a minute or two.
Remove from pan.

Serve hot with chutney, powdered jaggery and ginger pickle

I had some batter left and I put that into the kuzhiappam pan and had that as a snack.


  1. I like this healthy adai, Love that kutti snack.

  2. I'll never say no to this nutritious adai,lovely platter.

  3. Lovely filling adai new recipe to me Radha

  4. I've tried pesarattu, the adai looks very good too..

  5. Yummy n healthy Adai..looks so delicious!


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