Monday, March 11, 2013

Curry leaf Powder /Kariveppilai Podi

The other day we got this big bunch of curry leaves.  It is so hot already, the leaves were showing signs of drying out. I had made curry leaves podi long long ago and could not remember the measures and followed the one on Shanti Krishnakumar's Cook Book.  These spice powders are always useful for those 'I do not want to cook' days.  Some hot rice, a few drops of oil and the powder makes a good meal.  And if you have some fries with it, you would be forgiven for not cooking anything elaborate.

Curry leaves - 3 cups - these should be dry * and tightly packed

Roast the following:
Red gram dal ( Tuvar) - 3/4 cup
Black gram dal (Urad) - 1/4 cup
Pepper corns - 1 tbsp
Red chillies dry - 6-7
Salt - to taste

Remove the leaves from the stem.  If the stem is tender, you may use it if you wish.  Wash well. Drain
Place on a newspaper for about 30 minutes or so
And then on a microwave safe plate and microwave till the leaves are dry and crumble when crushed ( this may vary - I put them for about 2 minutes or so)
Meanwhile roast the other ingredients - the dals, pepper, and chilies till you get a lovely aroma. You will know what I mean as the roasting proceeds.  Make sure you do not burn the ingredients.
Put these ingredients into a food processor and grind to a fine powder, then add the dry curry leaves and salt and grind again till well blended.

Enjoy with hot rice, gingelly oil ( or any oil will do ).  Since this is mainly mixed with rice, you may need to add more salt and chillies while grinding.

* if you are not using the microwave, the leaves may be roasted in a pan.  But the microwave method is really quick.

If you want to pack it for your lunch.  Mix in the rice and season with a spoon of ghee, mustard, and cashews.  Maybe a few veggies too


  1. Radha you won't believe for past 3-4 days I wanted to do curry leaves rice I was telling my husband. Your recipe looks superb I think I must try this soon

  2. i had a curry leaf paste brought from isha yoga center and it was a savior when one does not want to cook anything elaborate. an easy recipe.

    1. Never knew you could get this in paste form. Interesting.

  3. Aromatic rice, one of favourite rice, have to some soon,am craving now.

  4. delicious curry leaf podi. I too am a big podi fan.

  5. I love this podi so thanks for putting up the recipe.

  6. We love curry leaves very much but I have never made anything close to this. Will mark and keep. Need to badly try, what more can be served with almost all our daily meals.

  7. Flavorful podi, like your presentation..

  8. curry leaf powder looks delicious Radha, love it.

  9. I make a curry leaf chutney and mix with rice, this is such a flavourfull rice, I cannot get my eyes off the 'bobby' (thats what we called them)

  10. although the curry leaf powder mixed with rice is in front, the fryums are attracting me more (yum!) :D


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