Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sweet Tomato Pachadi

I love this pahadi/chutney/jam or whatever you call it that they serve at most tamilian weddings.  The guy who serves this generally puts half a teaspoon of this chutney on your leaf and vanishes even before you can think of calling him back for a little more.  And considering the other sweets and  food they serve, you would feel a glutton asking for a second helping.  I was really glad when Jeyashri Suresh gave a link to the article that appeared about her in The Hindu that featured this recipe.  And I made this right away... and had a generous helping, enjoying every bit of it.


Tomatoes - 4
Tomato purée - 4 tbsp ( the tomatoes I used where not very juicy)
Sugar - about 1/2 cup - taste for sweetness and add if necessary
Dates - 2-3 deseeded *
Cashew - few
Raisins - few
Ghee - 1 tbsp

Cut the tomatoes into small pieces.
Take in a pan.  Add 1/4 cup water and sugar and simmer for about 20 mins or more
To speed up the process you could microwave it for a while
I added some purée here.
Make sure the tomatoes really get mushy.  Add more sugar if required.
Bring the mixture to the consistency of a thick chutney.

Take a tablespoon of ghee. Heat.  Add cashew, raisins and dates - separately - and add to the chutney.

I made this at lunch time and it was fabulous with curd rice!
You could have it with puris and rotis too.

Note -
These are approximate measures.  If you want to make it more like jam you would need about 1 1/2 measures of sugar to the tomato pieces.
* I did not have dates, but it still tasted good.


  1. Wow this is tempting me so much...

  2. Oh my! These look very much tempting and look so good

  3. this looks so tangy and I have to try this soon:)

  4. awesome.chutney looks so delicious. As usual nice recipe

  5. Looks very nice. I love the pachadi too. I did not know tomatoes were involved in the recipe. I was given a totally different recipe from our family wedding cook. I will have to dig up the recipe and see carefully his ingredients.Thanks for posting this one, I will try this one for sure. I love the pachidi and 1/2 tsp never used to cut it for me.

    1. Please share the recipe you have. Would love to try that too.

  6. How tasty this pachadi will be now, its quite a must in our family weddings too..

  7. Hi Radha ,

    Sweet tomato pachadi looks awesome.

    Really mouth watering!!!

    Nice recipe Radha , Keep in touch...

  8. You have a good collection of recipes..happy to follow may also visit my space at

  9. Yes, I remember having this only in weddings, and as a kid I would be hoping for a second serving, looks lovely..

  10. I too make a dish using tomatoes almost the same way ...I do not use tomato puree, rest of the ingredients remains the same :-) the pachadi looks absolutely delicious !!!!!!!!

    1. I would not have used puree either, but the tomatoes were strangely not juicy. However, the puree did add a nice texture to the pachadi

  11. delicious and awesome pachadi.. love to try it..

  12. Sounds so much like a halwa! Never been to Tamil weddings so never knew about this dish :(

  13. Wow looks so nice .

  14. this is new to me, looks so yummy :)

  15. this is new to me.. looks so colourful and delicious.. you ve a wonderful space.. happy to follow u..pls visit and join in my space..

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    Aparna & Gomathi

  17. one of my favs.. looks so yummy.. :)


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