Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sabudana ( Sago) Vada


Sago - 1 cup
Green chilies - 2 nos ( or more according to desired spiciness)
Jeera ( cumin seeds) - 1 tsp
Potatos - 2
Corriander leaves - few
Groundnut - 25 gms

Wash by swirling the sago.  And then soak sago for about 2 hours prior to use. 
This should be done by pouring water to just cover the sago.
After it has been soaked sufficiently drain any excess water. And mash with hand.

Boil potato - I did this by applying a few slits on the potato and then into the microwave for 5 mins. ( AG advice)
Peel and mash.

Groundnuts should be roasted and then coarsely powdered.

Mix the soaked sago, mashed potato, groundnut, finely diced chilies, salt, cumin seeds.
And make a dough.
Make small round balls and flatten
And fry in hot oil over a low flame.
Remove when golden brown.
Place on tissue to drain off any excess oil.
Serve with pickle, sauce or chutney.

(The vada made here did not absorb much oil  - this could be because the dough was soft but firm)


  1. delicious! where did that cup come from??

  2. The cup was bought to match the other polka dot mugs I have! Remember?


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