Monday, May 24, 2010

Spinach - Tomato Curry

Palak - 3 bunches
Tomatoes -3 (medium) chopped
Green chillies - 1 chopped fine
Tumeric - 1tsp
Chilli powder - 1tsp
Jeera (cumin ) powder - 1tsp
Dhania (coriander) powder - 1tsp
Salt - to taste
Oil- 4 tbsp

Wash the palak (spinach)  well.
Chop coarsely.
Take a wok and add 3 tbsp of oil.
When the oil is hot, add the palak and 1tsp ofsalt.
The palak will start losing water and reduce in quantity.
Keep mixing continuously on a medium flame till all the water has evaporated.
Once the water evaporates, conitue to stir fry for a while till the palak acquires a very deep green colour.
Add the tumeric, chilli, jeera and dhania powders and mix well.
Add the green chillies and tomatoes and continue to cook on a low flame. Add 2-3 tbsp more of oil and stir.
Simmer and cover till the tomatoes are completely cooked.
Make sure that the mix is not completely dry as it won't taste very nice.

Serve with rice/ roti.

The son-in-law made this at home. It was delicious.

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