Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paneer Starter

Paneer - cut into cubes , Tomatoes- cut into 4

Take a bowl, place the paneer, tomato

Add dhania powder, haldi, chillie powder, salt, kasuri methi. Mix well

Take a pan, heat, add oil or butter

Place paneer and tomato pieces.

Saute till paneer is brown and tomato is scalded. (capsicum could be used too)

Serve on a toothpick.


  1. First time here from foodie blog roll.....that paneer starter looks yum....oh dosakaya pappu also looks many yummy recipes.....keep rocking...will visit again....

  2. Do you know that I LOVE LOVE paneer. I have even tried to make it myself. Paneer and edamame! My two favorite foods.

  3. nice and simple like it, stopping over from foodie bog roll


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