Saturday, December 6, 2008


Raw Rice - 1 cup
Fresh coconut - 1/2 - preferably slightly tender
Salt to taste

Soak Rice for about 4-5 hours
Grind with the fresh coconut and salt
A handful of cooked rice may also be added while grinding (optional)

The batter should be thin like the batter for rava dosa.
Heat the tawa, smear oil
Pour the batter ( also like rava dosa is made)
And you should notice tiny bubbles while the batter comes in contact with the tawa
Cover with a lid to enable the upper side to cook, since the panpolo is not turned over.
Once you are sure the under side is done, fold into a triangle (though picture does not show that!!)

Serving options:
Jaggery syrup - jaggery is dissolved in water and kept on fire till it slightly froths. It should not form syrupy stage.
Any kind of chutney, pickle
Avial or stew

All yummy!

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