Monday, February 25, 2008

Rava Dosa

Editing the recipe - June 2 2012 - 

The name Rava Dosa may suggest that the item Rava would be in major proportion. But this is not so. Read on...

Rice flour - 1 cup
Bomabay Rava - 1/2 cup ( also knows as Cream of Semolina)
Maida - 1/2 cup ( refined wheat flour)

(Use Rice flour -1 measure, Rava -1 measure and maida - 1/2 measure)
Seasoning: Mustard seeds, black gram (urad) dal :-), jeera (cummin)
Onion - 1 large finely chopped
Corriander leaves finely cut.
Ginger finely chopped - a few pepper corns too.

Soak Rava, Rice flour, maida for 2-3 hours. Dilute it - quite a thin consistency with water,
Take oil and heat and add urad dal, mustard, jeera till the mustard crackles and the jeera turns slightly brown. Add to the batter.
Add finely chopped onion ( do not add to batter - but keep ready) and corriander leaves. Salt to taste.

Heat the pan and lightly smear oil.
Spread the finely chopped onions on the tawa and pour the batter on the oniions - 
Take a deep ladle, pick up batter and pour on the hot pan in circular fashion - attaining a nice lace pattern.
Put some oil all around the dosa batter. Heat till it browns and turns crisp. Just turn the dosa for a very short while ( if covered with a well fitting lid, the dosa need not even be flipped over).

Remove and serve with chutney.

Some add finely chopped green chillies too. And pepper. (optional). 

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