Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gozleme - Turkish flat bread

when Spill the Spices posted a picture of the Gozleme on facebook I had to go over to her blog for the recipe.  While she used the traditional spinach and feta stuffing, I opted for a desi filling with Indian masala, more because I wanted to make the gozleme the same day and did not want to postpone it for lack of any ingredient.  And this is all about the bread and not the filling.  If you want the recipe for the spinach stuffing, hop over to her blog .   For step by step pictures of the procedure, do check out Ozlem's Turkish Table

I did think the gozleme was a cross between a bread and a kulcha.  The filling is of course upto you.  Only ensure that it is dry otherwise it can result in a soggy product. Best served hot.  This recipe uses yeast, but you can substitute with self raising flour or it has been even made without leavening agents, in which case the dough needs to be kept overnight before use.

Ingredients: ( yields 5-6 nos)

Plain flour - 3 cups
Yeast - dry, active - 7 g
Olive oil - 3 tbsp
Yoghurt - 2 tbsp
Salt - pinch
Water - 260 ml ( warm)

Use 150 ml of the water, warm, add the yeast to it and keep for about 10 minutes till the mixture is bubbly and frothy.

Sift flour into a bowl
Make a well in the centre, pour in the yeast mixture
Add the salt, yoghurt and olive oil
Form a dough by bringing it together.  Add the remaining warm water till it forms a soft dough.
Knead thoroughly
Divide into 5-6 portions.  Make them into round balls.  Keep on a floured surface, cover with damp towel and keep for 30 minutes or till doubled in size.

Meanwhile prepare the filling
I have made a filling of potato, carrot, spring onions and peas with Indian spices

when the dough has doubled in size take each round ball, place on a floured surface and roll out , dusting more flour if necessary, till you get a thin rectangular sheet.

Fold the left and right sides of the sheet lengthwise, till they meet in the middle.
Place the filling in the middle generously -2-21/2 tbsp
Fold the top and bottom layer over the filling
The filling should be covered and edges should be pressed together to seal well.
Repeat for the other balls

Brush one side with olive oil
Place the oiled side of a well heated griddle or non stick pan
Keep for 2-3 minutes till well browned
Meanwhile oil the top portion.  Flip over.  Keep for another 2 minutes till the side is browned.

Brush both sides of the cooked gozleme with oil.  This helps keep it moist.

Cut in halves or quarters.
It is generally consumed with tea.  
You can experiment with the accompaniment.  We had it with sauces.


  1. I look for the familiar or its slightly variant dish but mostly confront outlandish names.This seems something similar to what local bakery sells as puffs!!

    1. Puffs are made from a different kind of pastry, this is a yeasted dough and more like a stuffed bun, but not baked


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