Friday, January 16, 2015

Khubani ka Meetha

This is a lovely dessert from Hyderabad.  Made with dried apricots.  With very little effort.  A favourite at weddings.  Especially on a cold day, you should have this with a little cream.  Or maybe some custard, or even a dollop of ice cream.  We had it just plain.  And slightly chilled.   Recipe from Vah Chef.

Dried Apricots
Sugar to taste
Cream/ Custard/ Ice cream.

Soak the apricots for a few hours in water.
They will plump up and you can then cut them into half and pit them.
Keep the pit/stone aside.  And the water in which the apricots were soaked.

The stones can be split and the seed inside should be removed and kept.
They will be added to the dish.

Now take the sugar in a pan..  This would depend on how sweet the fruit is.
One can always adjust the sugar later.
Add the water in which the fruit was soaked.
Keep on fire till the sugar dissolves.
Add the sliced apricot to it.

It will start to thicken a bit.  At this stage you can mash the fruit lightly.
It is a matter of preference, but always better to keep a bit of fruit rather than make it a puree
Add the seeds now.  Keep on flame for another five minutes or so.

The whole process will not take more than 15-20 minutes from time of ccoking.

Keep aside.
Spoon into bowls and serve with cream/custard/ice cream.  Or eat it plain as I did.


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