Saturday, April 5, 2014

Konkani Cuisine - Valval

Another of R mai's recipes.   Almost like the Kerala Stew.  A variety of vegetables in coconut milk and lightly seasoned.  Traditionally had with rice, but here I had it with Rava Dosa and I must tell you it was a great combination.  I just think, Valval can be had with anything you fancy.  Try it

( No specific measurements )

Veggies like - potato, sweet potato, pumpkin white or yellow, kovai, tender cashew, alsanda beans, ridge gourd......
Cut into even pieces lengthwise 
Cook till just tender in some water adding salt and a couple of slit green chilies

Either make fresh coconut milk by grinding coconut and water and extracting the milk or use ready to use - like I did ( makes life simpler)

Add this to the cooked veggies.
( If you find the mixture too watery you can thicken it any flour)

Season with mustard, cumin seeds and curry leaves.

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