Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wafer Par Ida - Egg and chips Parsi style

K has been asking me to try this recipe from  Evolving Tastes. for some time now.  It did seem not like the ordinary egg curry.  I mean egg and chips.  Separately yes, but together ??  Now that I have made it.  An emphathic YES. These are the perfect way to use the broken bits of chips at the bottom of a pack !  Use any kind - the regular or the branded ones. I modified the recipe a bit.  And I am sure there are many many variations one can make of this apart from the two main ingredients - the egg and the potato chips/fries.  Mushrooms, cheese, capsicum..... endless

I wondered how the chips would stay crisp, how I could remove it from the pan without the whole thing coming apart etc etc. So many doubts.  But it turned out just fine.   I made a single serving with one egg and half a small pack of Lays Party Flavours - Spicy something.  I wished I had made a two egg one and devoured it all !

Ingredients:  ( Single serving - just increase the amounts and use a bigger pan for more ! )

Oil/butter/Ghee - 1 tbsp   ( I used oil )
Spring onions - 1 - the bulb and the greens - chopped fine
Onion - 1 small - chopped fine
Green chilies - 1 finely chopped  ( I did not use more since the wafer was spicy too )
Coriander powder - 1/2 tsp
Ginger - garlic paste - 1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves - for garnish
Egg - 1
Chips/Wafers/Fries - no limit :-)
Salt - to taste - go easy on salt.  The chips have them too

Heat a saucepan.
Add butter / ghee / oil
Add the chopped onion.  Allow to brown a little and get tender
Then the spring onions.   Sauté
Followed by the ginger-garlic paste, green chilies .  Sauté
A bit of salt, and the coriander (dhania ) powder
Toss well.
When they all dry out.  Add coarsely crushed wafers/chips
Make a nest in the chips - a kind of hole 
Break the egg in it.  
Cover with a well fitting lid and cook on a low fire
Season the egg if you like.  Garnish and serve.

Note - Once you add the egg - if you do not want it too runny keep it a little while longer - if you like your sunny side up then you can remove it as soon as the white is no longer transparent. But in any case make sure the chips do not get soggy.

You will find that the chips, the onions, the egg all kind of come together and it is easy to lift it off the pan onto the plate.

Have it with some soft bread/ toasted bread / pav/ plain.......It is delicious.  Try it !


  1. Radha, thanks for the shoutout! Loved your photo and description.

    1. There will be more links to your site as I keep trying the recipes that I have bookmarked ! Thank you.

  2. Quite a new dish for me,thanks for sharing.Will definitely give a try.

  3. Very interesting combination.. love it :)

  4. This is unique.. never tried this combination. I love both individually so am sure it goes well together as well :)

  5. Wow ! You have a wonderful blog! I just started following you and it w'd be highly appreciating if you may follow mine too.

  6. thanks for sharing this recipe..

  7. i guess it's def a treat for egg lovers presentation was awesome :)

  8. Interesting and admire the creative way you have made this egg curry. I adore eggs, I adore spicy taste and I adore how all the ingredients came together for a fabulous outcome.

  9. That's a new and very interesting recipe..

  10. Never knew this dish! sounds very interesting indeed

  11. I am sure egg lovers would enjoy this Radha. Sadly, I am a vegetarian. Gr8 Pics though!

  12. This is such a good idea!! going to try it...

  13. Wow amazing, havent even thought of this combo..Looks inviting :) Will try soon!!

  14. That's new to me but looks very yummy... I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog.. http://kitchenserenity.blogspot.in/

  15. Amazing recipe..first time here and happy to follow you..
    Todays recipe:http://www.7aumsuvai.com/2013/04/rava-laddu.html

  16. Is all well at your end, not to be seen dear.


  17. A very interesting dish and combo!

  18. oh wow! this is soo new to me and super cool..wil definitley try. but still concerned.will it stay intact? i mean, the chips..without getting sogg. coz, the egg does need some time to cook is it not? Also, do feel free to drop by my new blog - pick quicks when u get the time...glad if u wud be a follower there as well.


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