Sunday, February 17, 2013


This is essentially a salad that uses raw shredded cabbage.  Sometimes you are forced to buy a big sized cabbage.  And you use what you need for the curry.  Often a little leftover cabbage piece just sits at the back of your vegetable tray in the refrigerator and gets binned when discovered days later.  Before you come to that, chop into shreds and make a coleslaw.  If you do not want to eat it as a salad, just pop it between two buttered slices of bread and you will have a tasty sandwich.


Main ingredient - cabbage.  If you have the red one, use it .  Adds a lot of colour
Other veggies that you can use - carrots, salad greens, spring onions, radish, beetroot, fennel bulb.  You can decide.
I have cabbage, carrot, spring onions and some salad greens.  All should be cut in long strands/shreds

Other ingredients for the dressing - use according to amount of vegetables
Mayonnaise ( other alternatives - 50:50 mayo and yogurt, or yogurt alone )
Lime juice
Salt / sea salt
Olive oil - a generous drizzle
Ground mustard

Mix dressing and vegetables.  Serve plain, in sandwiches, as an accompaniment to meats.
Enjoy !


  1. Yummy,my hubby loves this salad!

  2. one of my fave salads.. looks healthy and yum!

  3. i used to love coleslaw, especially on burgers but i have to try making a vegan one.

  4. Healthy, colorful and yummy..

  5. Never get bored of this salad,with loads of mayonnaise i just love it.

  6. My fav with cripy fried chicken...


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