Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lasagna - With Spinach and Mushrooms

I was not really going to post this one. But K saw the picture on Fb and wanted the link.  I thought the pictures were not really good, and besides it was different - not like what is served at restaurants.  All that cheese, an overdose of white sauce etc etc  ... looks lovely on the plate, tastes good too, but after a couple of  spoons you are just too full.  This one is different.  And making it with whole wheat lasagna makes you feel you can even have a dessert after the meal without guilt.

Posting a not very detailed recipe, but indicative of the steps to ensure a layered lasagna.

Lasagna sheets - use about 100-120 gms of any pasta per person
Spinach - a large large bunch
Mushrooms - 100 gms
Cheese - 100 gms or more
Milk - 500 ml
Flour - 30 gms
Oil/ butter - 20 gms
Tomato puree - 200 gms
Salt to taste
Herbs - to taste
Pepper - to taste

Prepare lasagna sheets just before serving.
Take enough water in a large bowl.  Bring to boil.  Add the lasagna sheets.  The temperature of the water comes down but soon picks up.  Bring it back to boil and allow to simmer for about 12-15 minutes.
Drain water and place in cold water or hold under a tap. The sheets should be separate

Make the fillings:
Spinach puree - Blanch spinach.  Make a thick paste with spinach, garlic and salt.

Wash and slice mushrooms.  Sauté them in butter , season with salt and pepper and keep aside.

Take tomato puree, add salt, herb and simmer till it becomes a thick sauce.

Make a white sauce.  Heat a pan, add butter, and then the flour.  Lightly stir flour - do not allow to brown.  When it is evenly mixed with butter, add the milk gradually.  Stir and keep over low heat till it forms a thickish sauce.

Take a rectangular pan or if it is circular cut the sheets so that it covers the sides.

Place a sheet on the bottom of the pan.  Layer it with white sauce.  Place another lasagna sheet.  And then the spinach sauce with mushrooms, the next sheet and then the tomato sauce.  Do this till the sheets are all layered in the pan.  Top with grated cheese

Pre heat the oven to 180C.  Place the pan with lasagna layers and bake for 15 - 20 minutes.

If necessary you can even place it in grill for some time to get a nice crusty brown layer.

Serve warm.

PS - the lasagna here is with whole wheat - and so that makes it different from what you get at a restaurant.  And the cheese has been used sparingly.  The ingredients can vary and so can the quantity.

For a detailed recipe - step by step check this link - Runner Girl..


  1. Mouthwatering here...

  2. I like lasagna a lot your version looks perfect.

  3. Lasgna looks so so tempting and luv it.

  4. Spinach and mushroom in lasagna, i never get bored of them,inviting.

  5. Very tempting, I love this spinach-mushroom-cheese combination..

  6. healthy and yummy great.....nice blog vth tasty recipes..
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  7. Looks delicious. Looking at the pics it makes me say "Yeh dil mange more ".Lots of good wishes for Christmas...


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