Sunday, December 30, 2012

Egg and Vegetable Puffs

I have always eaten puffs made in a bakery.   Except for the one time, my uncle stayed up all night so that he could make it from scratch, bake them and have them ready for us to take along when we went out sight-seeing the next day. Will never forget those puffs that were made with so much love.  These on the other hand have been made with ready to use puff pastry sheets.

The egg puffs that we get at the bakery do not have any filling apart from the boiled egg.  And then I found one where the blogger * has made some sort of spicy onion base for the egg.  And it was a good idea too.

Filling - no proportions here -
Onion - saut√© them till translucent- add garam masala, amchur, salt, chilie powder, coriander leaves.  I even added some tomato paste.  Make a nice onion curry and keep.
Boil egg till just done - remember - baking exposes it to more heat and it can get slightly rubbery.

Put the puff pastry on a well dusted surface.  Cut into 8 pieces.
Pre-heat the oven to 180 - 200C
Place the onion masala in the centre.  Place half a boiled egg - yolk down
Bring the edges together to the centre.
The pastry is sticky enough and will stick on its own.  However, if you wish put a little water to the edges so that they bind, but it is really not necessary.
Grease the baking tray lightly.  Place the egg puffs on tray leaving enough place between them for expansion.
At this stage if you like brush with egg white for a better browning effect ( I omitted step)
Place the tray in the oven for about 20 mins till golden brown.
Remove.  Cool and enjoy.

Vegetable Puff"
Make a dry vegetable stuffing of your choice.  If you like use the same onion masala and make a curry with  pieces of boiled potato, peas, carrots.
Place the filling in one half of the pastry square
Bring the other half over it and seal the edges.
Bake in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes till golden brown

Enjoy with sauce .

* Egg puff - Chacko's Kitchen


  1. Among puffs my fav are the egg puffs and ur puffs just tempts me to grab one :) it with hot hot tea :)
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  2. crispy puff is looking tempting
    wish u happy new year

  3. Dunno wat to chose, seriously both makes me hungry.

  4. I love these puffs they are great.

  5. Both the puffs are my favorite.. Great evening snack

  6. lovely puffs . My son likes puffs. Going to try.

  7. you know my all time fav evening time snack....egg puff......delicious and perfecto dear...:)

  8. Some time back I learned to make puff pastry and when my MIL came over made veg puffs for her, and egg puffs for FIL and they loved it. I would like to make it more often but I can hardly find ready made puff pastry.
    I love the way the egg puffs are shaped looks so inviting, and when I scroll down the rectangle are sooo perfect.. sigh.A few puffs with tea and my day is made :)

  9. Happy New Year egg puffs

  10. super tempting!!
    Wishing you & family a very Happy New Year !!

  11. the puffs looks great :) Am sure it tasted great too.. I just put up a post myself :)

  12. Very tempting, my daughter loves these..

  13. from where you got puff pastries. lucky you. i have a tough time finding them here.

    1. I think you do get them in some of the supermarkets but these are imported.

  14. Puffs are so mouthwatering...delicious...


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