Thursday, October 11, 2012

Banana Pancakes

Bananas are not my favourite fruit, but they were sitting in the fruit bowl for some time.  These are plain  pancakes with some bananas sautéed in a butter-sugar caramelised mixture and topped with golden syrup.  I guess it could be any fruit of your choice.  But these here are with bananas.

The pancakes here contain egg.  But I have made those without egg, so it can be done away with for an eggless variety.

Ingredients: (for about 4 medium pancakes)
(for the pancake)
Egg - 1
Plain Flour (Maida)- 45 gms
Baking powder - 1/4 tsp
Milk - 40 ml ( use to get the required consistency)
Salt - a pinch

(for the caramalised bananas)
Banana - 1
Butter - 1 tbsp
Sugar - 1 tbsp

Golden syrup - generous drizzle
Cream - desirable - but not used here - generous dollop

Separate the egg
In a bowl, combine the flour, egg yolk, milk and baking powder to get a thick batter

Beat the egg white well to a frothy mixture with the pinch of salt.
Add it to the flour mixture.

Heat a pan (non stick preferably) on medium heat
Pour the batter to slightly thick pancakes.
Keep till golden brown and flip over to get the same browning on the other side too.

Melt butter in another pan, add sugar on a low flame till a caramalised mixture is formed
Cut banana lengthwise and add to the pan and cook gently till it gets browned

To serve
Place 2-3-or even 4 pancakes
Put the caramalised bananas over them
Drizzle ( pour is more appropriate and tastier! ) golden syrup
Serve with a dollop of cream

(Recipe source - Jamie Oliver )


  1. The normal breakfast menu in my house, pancakes. I have never tried cooking the banana's before adding it to the pancake. Will try next time.

    1. The cooking of banana reminded me of the kerala style of banana fry.

  2. I look for variety in day to day breakfast ideas and these pancake if made without eggs may be just what i might like to try.

    1. I prefer the eggless pancake, but addition of egg makes it lighter.

  3. wow.. it looks professional.. nice click :)

  4. Looks highly inviting and super tempting..

  5. Sooo delicious & tempting!!! I'm waiting for tmrrw morning just to have this ;)

  6. Delicious looking pancakes....Loved the addition of caramelized bananas..

  7. Very delicious with the caramelised bananas..


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