Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun with Capsicum Rings

Stuffed capsicum or bell peppers are a meal by themselves.  And when V found these slightly large sized capsicum he remarked it would be ideal for some stuffing.  And I thought why not?  But wanted something that could be had along with an Indian meal, something less filling and so I wondered if I could cut capsicum rings and have a stuffing in them. And found a few ideas and here they are

1.  Capsicum Ring with Potato filling

Capsicum / Bell peppers - 2 nos
( the more colourful the better! )
Filling -
Potato filling - Take a wok, add a little oil, season with cumin, allow to brown, add finely chopped onion, ginger, garlic, saute and then the mashed boiled potato.
Add turmeric, chili, coriander powders ( I even added some chat masala)
Salt to taste.  Mix well.
Cool and your filling is ready

Cut the capsicum into slight thick rings
Put the stuffing into the rings and push and pack it well.  A little extra is better.
I took a pan and smeared some oil on it and placed the stuffed rings in them
Cover and cook on a slow fire.  When brown turn it over.

I then put these into a microwave for a minute.  Just to ensure that the capsicum rings are not really raw.  But this is a matter of personal preference.

Your potato filled capsicum rings are ready.  And they were good!

Tips - Use any filling - cottage cheese would be a great addition, non-vegetarians can use a leftover kheema curry, the vegetarians a soya filling.  You could top it with some grated cheese and grill them.

As you fry them on the pan, the filling comes together and can separate from the ring.  So you really need to stuff it properly.  Maybe you could also try and give it a breadcrumb coating or a cornflour paste dip.  Not sure.  Any ideas?  Because this will be something I am sure I will make often.  It could even serve as a tea-time snack.

Here is another fun-recipe - It looks pretty too!

All you need - Capsicum and Egg.
Make a capsicum ring.
Fry this first lightly on a pan, both sides,  to sear the ring
Then break the egg into it.
The egg white can seep from under the ring, so keep it tightly pressed down on the pan, but if a little seeps it just does not matter.  You can let it be, or just remove it when done.
Cover and allow to cook.
You can keep the egg yolk runny and if you do not want to just pierce it a little and allow to cook
Or once it is a little done, pop into a microwave till the yolk is done - this way you do not need to puncture the yolk and it remains pretty to look at!
Sprinkle salt and coarse pepper.  You can grate cheese on it too.



  1. Excellent side with the bread there. I make stuffed capsicums often. Those with potatoes look like tikkis inside the ring.

    1. I guess they are like tikkis since they are pan-fried. But I found it easier to eat rather than a whole stuffed capsicum. I am not too fond of potato. So a ring had just as much as I would enjoy.

  2. i have tried first one but not second one.. looks interesting..

  3. I love that potato filling as well as egg filling in capsicum. I like stuffed capsicum very much.

    1. @Swati and PT - I liked the idea and when you use a combination of yellow and red bell peppers it looks prettier!

  4. Yummy mummy!! The egg one look really good.

  5. Wow great idea,both looks delicious.

  6. Nice and delicious capsicum rings!

  7. Cutting capsicum into rings and stuffing them is a great idea. Love it. Simple but never thought of it. Gr8 one Radha!

  8. wow this looks awesome... looks great

  9. Just mouthwatering...looks inviting & delicious!

  10. interesting recipes with those shapes

  11. yummy stuffed capsicum rings with potato filling. I am hungry.

  12. Both stuffed capsicum rings looks incredible,especially the one with potato filling makes me hungry.

  13. Love the ones with egg..Ah! looks so colourful

    1. Yes, I did too. Looks pretty, doesn't it?

  14. wow...thts really a cool idea! I'm sure its tasted great too :)


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