Friday, June 8, 2012

Watermelon Granita

This post about the Golla Walla got me thinking of childhood and the ice shavings that would be moulded around a stick and some brightly coloured essence sprinkled on them.  They looked wonderful, but sadly it was forbidden by my mother who doubted the quality of ice.  I also thought of little A who would eat loads of ice as a toddler .  And now I think it would have been a good idea to have made granita for her and pushed down some fruit in a way she would have thoroughly enjoyed!

The Junior Masterchef programme had a demo on the making of granita .  This is how they made it..  The ingredients quantity may vary.

Fruit Pulp/ Juice - 2 cups
1/4 cup water ( I omitted this - since watermelon had enough liquid)
Sugar - 1/2 cup - vary quantity depending on sweetness of the fruit
Lemon juice - of half a lemon

(Optional ingredients - lemon zest, soda)

Add the sugar, juice and water - mix.
Keep on stove till the mixture gets warm to enable the sugar to melt.  Do not boil
Add the lemon juice
Spread into a tray and place in freeze till the mixture sets
Take a fork and scrape the surface to obtain fine ice shavings ( this needs some patience)

Serve in bowl/glasses
Top with either mint leaves, fruit pieces depending on the fruit used in the granita



  1. very cool and so refreshing..looks so inviting..

  2. yours looks very good too. we posted on same day it's a coincidence really

  3. Delicious watermelon granita Radha. Yes remind me about ice cream man.

    Favorite recipes event: Cakes

  4. Hi Radha,

    Looooks cooooooooLz and

    very simple drink!!!

  5. So inviting n refreshing granita.

  6. cool treat for summer hit eyes :)

  7. Have been meaning to make this for sometime...

  8. yummy ma!!! We are looking forward to all the experiments once you get here!

  9. Yum and cool..perfect for the season.

  10. love any granita in summer and this is perfect healthy treat.

  11. Wat a refreshing and prefect granita for this hot weather.

  12. Wow! love this perfect granita..perfect for summer. Your space is full of delicious recipes..happy to be your follower. Drop at my blog when you get time.

  13. Perfect for the summer, awesome..

  14. 1st time here... That's such a cooling, refreshing dessert!! Loved it!


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