Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shahi Tukda - with a twist

This is a different kind of Shahi Tukda.  Another recipe from Rak's Kitchen *  I ran out of cornflour but had custard powder.  I mean custard powder is after all cornflour with a flavour - and this fortunately had just vanilla.  It was quite nice.  Of course, not the original Shahi Tukda but was nice and light. I had an able assistant with the younger one at home. And  Happy Birthday V.

Bread Slices - 2 nos ( I used brown bread) - with the crust removed.
Milk - 200  ml
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Ghee - 4 tbsp
Cornflour - 2 tsp (in this case I used vanilla flavoured custard powder)
Saffron - pinch
Nuts - for garnish

Preparing the bread
Cut the slices from which the crust have been removed into triangles
Put a little ghee on a pan, and when it melts add the triangular slices and allow it to brown evenly and get crisp.  Remove and keep aside.

Make the syrup
Take the sugar in a bowl.
Add water so that it just covers the sugar layer.
Heat and make a thick syrup.  It should not flow easily.  But do not allow it to crystalise.

Make the custard
Dissolve the custard powder in about 2 tsp cold milk and add to the remaining milk
Heat till you get a fairly thick custard.
(Addition of sugar to custard is not necessary -optional - or like I did just add a tablespoon)

Take the fried bread and immerse in the syrup for just a minute or less.
The bread should not be soggy.
Remove and keep on a plate.  Do this for all slices.

Arrange the slices on a plate
And pour the custard on the slices - allow some time for the bread to soak some of it
Garnish with nuts.

Have it warm.  Or chilled. Will be enjoyable either way.

What you can do different:
Use white bread
Deep fry the bread - you will get a uniform browning - but mind the calories
Toast the bread and then lightly apply the ghee and toast again if required.
Make a nice rabri - by thickening the milk - reduce it on a low fire till thick
Or use condensed milk.
Garnish with pistachios

* Link to Rak's Kitchen 


  1. catching up with your blog after many days radha. i still have to visit other food blogs.

    liked the way you have made the shahi tukda. it is an easy version rather than making the rabri. yes i agree that custard powder is flavored corn flour :-)

  2. very yummy and tempting...

  3. Oh,that's truly a nice idea to make shahi tukda.Looks wonderful.

  4. shahi tukda looks splendid dear and an instant sweet for guests...

  5. Yummy!

  6. Wow, Tudka looks yummylicious! Nice recipe dear..


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  7. delicious looking shahi tukda.loved the addition of custard powder in it to give extra flavour and taste

  8. soooooooo delicious and yummy..addition of custard powder is too good.

  9. nice way of making shahi tukda.. great one

  10. nice one with the bread! yum!
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  11. Cool new way of making shahi tukda! Me take the toasting route usually. Hate to deep fry..

  12. Salivating here, irresistible shahi tukdas.

  13. Looks so tempting n nice presentation.

  14. I am carving for it right now...looks yum...

  15. The shahi tudka looks also, also I think replacing cornflour with vanilla custard powder is a good idea :-)

  16. Looks good! Surely need ro try this one out:)

  17. m..........nice royal recipe, Radha. Aromatic blog. Happy to follow you :-)

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

    :-) Mira

  18. Lovely dessert! I have never tried this before. Maybe I will now ! Thanks to you, Radha.

  19. wow!! I had these few years back I visited Kolkata!!!urs look amazingly delicious dear !!!!!

  20. This dish is the one,which I am longing to prepare for a long.Minding the calories,I keep it aside.Now I shud do it afterseeing urs.lovely.S I do add tamarind extract ,little quantity to enhance the flavour.Happy to follow u dear.

  21. such a simple and tasty desert..

  22. Belated birthday wishes. This shahi tukda looks delicious.


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