Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Masala rice with Broad beans and Vangibath powder

I saw this recipe for Vangibath at Jeyashri's Kitchen.  But refrained from making it all this while because V does not eat brinjal.  But I had a few beans - Chikudukaya, Avarikay left from a curry and I thought I would adapt the recipe.  Logically it cannot be Vangibath  - since Vangi means Brinjal in marathi and Bath means Rice - but it does not matter.  The rice tasted good and I think it could be made with most kind of vegetables.  Especially if you have something that is too little to make a curry, it can be turned into a Vangiless bath!

Vangibath Powder:
Coriander seeds (Dhania) 1 ½ tbsp
Red chilies – 4 nos
Channa  dhal – 1 tbsp
Sesame seeds – 1 tsp
Clove – 1

Dry roast all the ingredients, cool and grind to a fine powder.  These can be made in larger quantities and stored for use.

Preparation of Rice
Rice – 1 cup – for better flavor use Basmati rice
Cook with just enough water to ensure that the rice is not mushy and the grains are separate
Spread in a plate and allow to cool

And the Beans
Flat beans (Chikudukai-Averakai) – 100 gms – cut to ½” pieces
Onion – 1
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Curry leaves – few
Urad dal – 1 tsp
Vangibath powder – 2-3 tbsp
Salt to taste
Peanuts – 20 gms – roast in little oil and keep aside

Heat oil.
Add mustard, urad dal – when the mustard splutters add curry leaves, hing.
And then the chopped onion
Followed by the beans
Sauté till the beans are tender
Add the vangibath powder
And salt
Mix well.
Take off the heat

And the final product
Add to rice and gently mix till well blended. 
Add the peanuts.

Enjoy with raitha and some fried papads.


  1. That turned out nice and thanks for trying out

  2. Avarekayi and vangibath powder? Interesting. I should try once! The dish looks good makes me hungry :)

  3. That's a nice idea with the broad beans..

  4. Excellent and super flavourful masala rice..

  5. You have been tagged, do visit my space..

  6. Love the idea,healthy and yummy rice..

  7. Flavorful rice...First time here...Nice space..

  8. nice and flavourful rice.interesting combo :)

  9. nice and healthy rice preparation. love it

  10. Awww...yummy! what else can i say :)

  11. looks nice and flavorful.

  12. YUMMM...Your 'vangiless' bhath looks full of flavours. I rather prefer vangiless bhath coz I too don't like brinjals much. I love the look of the rice...incredibly delicious.

  13. looks so appetizing..perfectly done..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  14. Thanks for visiting my space Radha. Yes, the fish and chips were not what one had expected. We've had it once 'outside' of the UK; when compared to other cuisines' 'batter fried food', it falls short.

  15. Woww... delicious and tempting recipe.. looks absolutely inviting.. thanks for sharing !!

  16. First visit.So much here to tickle the taste buds.

  17. @Jeyashri - I will be trying out more recipes from your site
    @KP - what started as a small project for my daughter has now turned into a hobby and a stress-buster. Thanks for dropping by here.

  18. i like brinjals i any dish.

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  19. @Dassana - I will look up the options and see how to go about it. But I am not a facebook person. Will let you know as soon as I get these going. Thanks for the suggestions

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