Thursday, May 17, 2012


Having made shevai - konkani semia - this one is a breeze.  With readymade rice flour, no soaking, grinding, prior steaming it seemed so easy.  And though I may be partial to shevai in terms of taste, I would definitely make this again. As long as you have some good dishes to accompany the idiyappam, you might not give that added flavour of shevai a second thought.

Rice flour - 1 cup ( some have used roasted flour, I did not - not too sure how much to roast)
Water - about 1 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Oil - 1 tsp

Boil water.  Reduce heat.
Add the salt, oil
Add the rice flour a little at a time, and keep stirring till it forms a mass and comes together and is a smooth mass.
Cool.  Knead well.
Make equal portions. And put that into a muruku press and extrude the dough.

While most have put it into an idli mould, I put it into a cooker vessel and steamed it.
And when it was done it looked like this

I had this with freshly made Avakai - which is a fiery Andhra mango pickle.  I have a picture but I thought it might just frighten some!  And so I refrain from posting it here.  


  1. Nice iddiyappam. I love this.

  2. Very good idea to use the murukku press. Will give it a try.

  3. looking delicious..never had this before..try this surely

  4. One of my favorite foods...we call it vat-shavige!

  5. Love this any time,delicious soft noodles!!

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    in the following ongoing events-
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  6. We all do frightening stuff! :-D!
    And not always in our kitchens!
    I make nool-puttu this way also; the roasting time will be around 15-20 mts on the setting between low and medium heat.

  7. Love to have simply with sugar and coconut milk,my fav.

  8. wow quite tough but u made it look quite easy ...grt job
    U have a award waiting for you at my space..

  9. Always buy ready made ones only... After ur post want to give a try....

  10. My all time fav, perfectly done...

  11. Looks yum

  12. Looks delicious! I too follow this easy method.
    Happy to follow you.

  13. I'm a first-time visitor to your blog. Just loved your blog name (the url) - 'If ma can cook, so can you'!!

  14. Looks very soft and yumm..

  15. @Indian Bazaar - Welcome. Yes my children are surprised at the posts here. I thought there would just be 25 posts when I first started. And I guess if I can cook you can bet anyone can!

  16. Soft and yum,my favorite breakfast.

  17. Perfect idiyappam..

  18. i used to have the idiyappam quite frequently on my visits to some places in tamil nadu.

    i love the shevai also. would have it with the jaggery coconut milk syrup. so yummy... and me too partial to the shevai. it is a long long time i have neither made shevai nor idiyaappam.

  19. I just love idiyappam with grated coconut and sugar :)Looks so soft!!


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