Thursday, April 12, 2012

Steamed Momo with Chilli dip

All the ingredients here are approximate. Someone had been talking of momos for some time now. And since the younger one is at home, I thought I would experiment.  So I looked up a few recipes and made it with the ingredients available.  The dish turned out well, I only wish the momos were more moist, but I think that could have been possible if I had a steamer rather than using the pressure cooker like I did.  Even then, the end result was pretty good.

Ingredients: ( Makes about 10)
Outer covering
Refined flour - 3/4 cup
Water to make a nice soft but firm dough

Cauliflower, sweet corn, capsicum, carrot, peas - all veggies should be finely chopped - as tiny as possible

Take a little oil in a wok add the veggies, lightly sauté till done, but keep the veggies slightly crunchy
Add a little salt.  pinch of soya sauce and some chopped ginger, chillie flakes

Make small balls of the dough
Roll into tiny thin circles.
Put the filling in the centre
Fold the dough over the filling and bring all sides to the center and pinch at the top as in the picture
Keep in a greased vessel and steam till the covering gets slightly transparent.
The momos should be eaten hot.

The dip
Soak red chilies in vinegar for a about 1/2 hour
Grind the soaked chilies and a bit of vinegar with salt, garlic, sugar.  Add a little oil to the dip. Mix.


  1. Momos look delicious and love the filling too. We always order this when we go to a Chinese restaurant but I have never tried them at home. Your post inspired me to try them. thanks for sharing

  2. We love these, looks very appetizing with the chilli sauce..

  3. i can literally live on this made it so perfectly.

  4. Am inviting myself to ur place, my all time favourite momos..

  5. Hey it looks like modhakam with veggie filling. Very interesting.

  6. Looks so delicious,resturant style..yumm

  7. very yummy momos, they look tempting...

  8. The momos look a huge fan of them :-)

  9. Tasty n healthy momo with chilli sauce...

  10. Momos taste really good. Had the experience when we visited Ganktok.


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