Monday, January 2, 2012

Banoffee Pie

This is a recipe sent to me by La - she said her friend A makes it and you could not go wrong with it.  I had a couple of friends coming over and I thought I would experiment on them.  I also had a pack of ice cream in the freezer as standby.  Not only was the dish a great hit, the balance of the pie was packed and taken away!

The picture is rather plain... I did not want to grate chocolate on what I thought was already a rich dessert  and I also could not get thick cream and that gave it a rather flat surface.  I will replace the picture in the future when I turn out a better dish.  The recipe here is as it was passed onto me.. with suggestions in italics

Oatmeal biscuits- 2 packets (preferably Hobnobs) - I used Good Day 
Chocolate Chip Cookies – 2 Packets (for instance, Good Day)
Butter- melted (approx. Enough for the biscuits) This is over 100 gms
Condensed milk - 400 gms
Bananas – at least 3 (large)
Cream – 300 ml - Get thick cream.. 
Dark Chocolate- 1 Bar (optional) but it does add the finishing touch.  Even a chocolate sauce would do. 

 1. Put all the biscuits in a polythene cover and crush them with a belan till powdery. 
(Or put in a blender like I did)

2.  Place them in a container (which is the final container in which the Banoffee pie will ultimately be set. 
(If you have a cake tin with a removable base it would be ideal. You could also put in greased paper I think- then you can set the dessert on a plate while serving)

3.  Melt the butter and cover the biscuits such that each portion of the biscuit layer has some butter. Put the container in the freexer for 20 minutes (at least)
(It might be a better idea to mix the butter with the biscuit crumbs well, and then place in the container)

4. Once out of the freezer, cut the bananas into small, thin slices and put them on the biscuit layer. Put it back in the freezer.

5. Empty the condensed milk tin in a pan and keep on heat stirring all the time until brown-ish (avoid burning)à [this is the faster method] or but condensed milk tin in a double boiler for approx. 2 hours till it carmelises in the tin itself.
(Caution - if the cans are not covered in water, it may explode and Nigella in her recipe version says you may have to spend hours cleaning up the ceiling!)

6. If you use the first technique mentioned in point 5 above, then use a hand blender and whisk till it becomes slightly liquidy. I had to add some milk to make it thin. 

7. Pour the caramel ( Dulce de Lechelater on top of the banana layer.

8. If you are using fresh cream, add sugar to the cream (2-3 tb sp), and whip it till slightly thick. 

9. Put the cream on top of the toffee layer. Put this in the freezer till the cream solidifies.

10.   Grate the dark chocolate bar and put the chocolate on top of the cream.

Take out of freezer and keep out for a while before serving.  It becomes easier to slice through the pie   this way.  

I had no picture of the sliced banoffee pie. I did not want to take out the camera in presence of my guests and I had no slice remaining to photograph either!!

But you could make it look like this .


  1. How delicious is this! I am gonna try this. Sure cannot go wrong with such detailed steps!

  2. It is even more simple for you - just walk into a store and buy Nestle Carnation - which is a readymade caramel in a tin.


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