Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jacket Potato

Jacket Potato - the microwave method

Take a large potato.
Wash it really well
Gently prick the surface
Add butter or oil to the surface
Microwave on high for about 6-8 minutes
( Remember the potato will be very hot !!)
Gently stab with skewer/knife. It should be soft but not mushy ( make sure it is not hard)
Split the potato and make a filling of your choice.
Here I have stuffed it with some sort of coleslaw.

Filling choices: source bbc

Here are some favourite fillings to make the perfect jacket spud:

1.Grate lots of cheese, sprinkle over the potato, let it melt, and eat.
   You could even cook up a can of beans, and pour them over the dish as well.
2. Cottage cheese is a favourite for those on a diet.
    If you have the time, you could add bits of herbs into the cottage cheese.
    Pineapple also gets mixed into the cheese occasionally.
3. Coleslaw is a bizarre mixture of cabbage, carrot, onion and mayonnaise but works surprisingly well in
    the  humble potato.

Also, check thec bb link given for a recipe written by someone who has a good sense of humour. It will also tell you how to make it in the oven.  And give you some tips for non-veg fillings too.
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  1. looks yumm, delicious n mouthwatery..;)
    YOu are welcome to my space Radha...
    Tasty Appetite

  2. I'm into microwave cooking these days. This recipe sounds and looks so good. Have bookmarked :) Hope you are doing well and had a lovely Ganesh Chaturthi.


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