Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rava Idly - Easier version

Rava ( Wheat Semolina) - 1 cup

Sour curd - 1 cup
Ginger - 1/2" finely chopped
Green chili - 1 large - finely chopped
Cashew nuts - few - break into bits
Coriander leaves - finely chopped
Urad dal ( split black gram) - 1 tsp
Mustard - 1 tsp
Pepper - couple of corns - crushed
Cooking soda - large pinch
Salt to taste
Oil - 1 tsp
( You can also add - finely chopped carrot, and semi cooked or frozen peas)

Take a wok.
Add the oil, and heat
Add the mustard and after a few seconds the dal.
The timing should be such that mustard should splutter and the dal should begin to brown at the same time.
Add the cashew, the chili, pepper, ginger.
Sauté. If you are adding any veggies, you will need to add them here.
And as the cashew begins to brown, add the semolina.
Roast till the semolina gives out a nice aroma..
Take off fire.  Cool.

Once the mixture has cooled, add the sour curd and the soda.
Mix well and leave for about 15 minutes.
Check the consistency, it should not be too thick. If required add a little water to loosen it.
And the salt.
Pour into idli mould and steam for about 10 minutes
Serve with chutney or/and sambar.

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  1. Woww.. looks gr8 and delicious.. thanks for the wonderful recipe :)


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