Thursday, May 20, 2010

Palmyra Fruit Dessert - Munjal or Nungu

The original container for the fruit -the above two pictures from The Hindu

It was maybe a coincidence that hubby got home the fruit just after Mothers Day.  Palmyra fruit or Munjal as it is known in these areas. It brought back memories of the dessert that my mother would make ever so often in summer.

The ones here ( below) were bought off a highway, freshly plucked from the palmyra tree.  

The outer peel has to be removed and the succulent white fleshy mass is exposed- juicy when tender and a treat to eat.  It can be eaten plain, but I decided however to make it the way my mother did.                                    
The pulpy fruit is placed in a bowl.  Sometimes she would cut it into small even pieces ( when they were not too tender) and a dollop of cream was placed on the fruit and lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar.  This was chilled in dessert bowls and would be at just the right temperature to devour when we came back from school.  This was of course before cholesterol made news.  I went a little easy on the cream and sprinkled some diet sugar.  Maybe not the same, but did bring back memories of the dish the way amma made it. 

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  1. This is super know I am working with coral data from the palmyra islands. And the moment I saw the title of this post..I went..' whaaat' :)

    lovely dessert :)


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