Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pani Puri ( Indian Fast Food)

Indian street food made under sterile conditions may not taste as good as the original!

Ready pani puris
Jal Jira masala  ( readymade)
Soak chick pea overnight and pressure cook till tender
Boiled potato. - mash
Green chillies ( optional ) finely diced
Onions ( optional) finely diced
Black salt/salt ( to taste)

To the mashed potato add boiled chick pea, salt, chopped coriander, onion(optional) and green chillie/chilie powder,a little lime juice and salt.

Make the jal jira water as per instructions given on pack – normally involves – dissolving the masala in cold water, add salt to taste, and if required a dash of lime.

Make a hole in the puri and fill a little of the potato-chick pea mixture and dunk in the Jal jiar water and pop in your mouth.



  1. this looks great....alas...I don't think we have ready made pani puris but I will look for them. Is Jal Jira a brand? Is that a combo of spices? Don't know this...can you help me out? are a gem as always...being very patient with me!

  2. Jal Jira is the liquid into which the pani puri is dipped. And it is indeed a combo of spices - there are different brands that make it - I guess it can be made at home too, but this is simpler - the carton states the ingredients in descending order of weight - salt, black salt, dry mango, citric acid, cumin, mint, black pepper, ginger, red chilli and asafoetida. ( phew!). The pani puris can also be made at home, but they may not come out as crisp.

  3. Yesterday I was craving to eat this... now I see this & yum...I'm all Slurpy!!!!

    Following u too.....


  4. This is so inviting! Will check out the recipe for details. Try to digest it slowly... haha...

  5. Hi Radha
    Tried the Pani Puri recipe. They were yummy. Simple to make too. Good job !


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