Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yummy Chocolate Ball

Recipe sent by AG. All the ingredients for the recipe can be eaten plain. But blend them in together and what you get is a delicious product.
Digestive biscuits - 100 gms
Condensed milk - 50 ml ( amount may vary)
Cocoa / Drinking chocolate - 2 tbsp - I used drinking chocolate, cocoa may be better
Nuts/Raisins - optional

Crush the digestive biscuits in a bowl.
Add the cocoa / drinking chocolate
And the nuts and raisins.
I even added some muesli here.
Slowly add the condensed milk, while you blend continuously.
The mixture consistency should be such that you can make round balls.
You can roll the balls in coconut flakes too.
Place butter paper on tray, and keep the rolled chocolate balls on it.
Freeze till set.
( The recipe can also be flattened to make bars)


  1. Hey kiddo...grin. I have been searching the web all day for recipes which uses 'storebought cookies'...just for something difference. Grin. Look at your wonderful post. So very yummy too!

  2. Looks so divine to me, love chocolate in all forms.


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