Friday, September 4, 2009

Yam Fry

Yam has never really been my favourite vegetable. It meant a lot of hardwork. Washing it well ( since it is a root), peeling it - never easy since it has a very uneven surface, cutting, and then after all that effort, at times the cooked curry can cause an itchy feeling in the throat. Now that seems to be solved partly because the supermarket nearby sells yam in small sizes, peeled and packed. The effort of slicing the yam does not seem so much work anymore (especially if it can be done by someone else :) Guess who! So here goes....

Yam - wash well, and cut into thin strips
Tamarind - small piece or 1 tsp of paste ( to prevent itchiness)
Oil - for deep frying
Salt and chillie powder to taste
Mustard for seasoning

Take the yam strips, add the tamarind, and enough water to immerse the pieces.
Microwave for 6-8 minutes till the piece can be crushed lightly by hand.
Avoid over cooking.
Drain well.
Heat oil
Immerse the lightly boiled pieces into the oil.
Fry to golden brown.
Remove and keep aside.

Then take a wok, add a little oil and mustard.
Once mustard splutters add the fried yam, salt and chillie powder.
Mix well


  1. Oh did I miss this post?! This looks soooo good. I agree...tis a lot of work ..but...worth it don't you think? My 'boys' would like this for sure!

  2. This is a favourite at home - and if made well i.e the yam should not be over cooked and all moisture should be drained well- does not absorb too much oil despite being deep fried.

  3. I love surna upkari :)....nd even surna koot :) luks nice


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