Saturday, July 4, 2009

Indian Fast Food - Ready to Eat

Haldiram's Bhel - A product I recommend - and reasonably priced too at Rs 15/- per pack.

Just like it says on the lid - Open-Mix-Enjoy (Kholo-Milao-Khao). Handy to have at home and also while traveling. It contains roasted puffed rice (murmura), fried groundnut, fine sev, puri and three chutneys. To eat - open flap of container, mix in the three chutneys that come seperately packed in neat little plastic sachets- it even has a plastic spoon inside - and eat. Tastes almost as good as the original fast food that is sold off the streets.

However, if you are eating the bhel at home, you can make it tastier by adding some more roasted and cooled puffed rice , boiled potato, finely diced onions. Tomatos - finely chopped can be added too. The chutneys are more than sufficient and with these extras can be a serving for two.

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  1. Wow....don't think I would be able to find that here in North America...or would I? You never know. I shall will give me something to do on my lunch hours in the City....grin. sooooo...did you check out my Khichadi? Does it look okay? Grin...oh...and I had a lot of 'input' from people about my cooking even before it went on the blog so....that is why I got preachy. Hey...I also see you have a recipe for coconut chutney...I'll check it out. I make my own too.


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