Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coconut Barfi

Recipe from Samaithu Paar - Cook and See
Coconut - 2 big
Sugar 700 gms ( one tea cup level is about 240 gms approx)
Cashew - optional
Cardamom ( optional) 7-8
Ghee - 50 gms or 3 tbsp

Grate the coconut.
Add 1 cup of water to the sugar and prepare a thick syrup - strain the syrup if required
Add the grated coconut
Keep stirring till it becomes a hard mixture.
Fried bits of cashew may be added at this stage with a little amount of ghee
Keep mixing for a little more time. The mixture (according to the recipe book) will swell
Add cardamom powder
Pour over a greased plate and spread evenly ( slightly thick). Tap for a smooth surface.
Cut into pieces.
Cool (essential) and then store in tins.

( Just in case the barfi does not stay in the form of squares when cut, this could happen if the sugar syrup has not attained the right consistency , just roll them into little balls ( ladoos) and wrap them separately and keep in tin. The taste remains the same). Food Colouring can be added sometime in between if you want colourful barfi!!


  1. oh your barfi looks so good. Can you make gulab jaman or rasgula...maybe you have posted it...I'll go and see.


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