Sunday, October 19, 2008

Basundi - simple recipe

We had this small eatery in town many years ago where we would, on days that we wished to indulge, have this small bowl of basundi. And savour every bit of it. It is a simple dish to make, but would need real good thick milk and some constant stirring over an hour to ensure a good final product.

Here is a simpler recipe, which I have not made in years ( Sa would remember when it was made last. sshhhh!) but maybe this could be a dish that could be made on Diwali day.

Milk - 1 litre
Sweetened Condensed milk - 1 tin
Bread - 4 slices of plain bread, remove the crust

Soak the bread in milk for 1/2 hour
Pass through strainer
Mix milk and condensed milk
Simmer on slow fire for 15 minutes or till the mixture attains a semi solid consistency.
Take off fire
Garnish with nuts
Serve chilled.

The bread, condensed milk help reduce the time of cooking. Sugar is omitted since condensed milk is being used. Taste if required to ensure the sweetness is sufficient.


  1. Thanks ma!!! Could you also put recipe for coconut burfi.. The pink one :)

  2. why? your grandfather's property is going waste somewhere or what? No kobbarakaya burfi... only kobbalakaya noone for you :)

  3. you anonymous man.. buzz off. not my grandfather's but my father's property is going to waste


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