Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dhal Tadka - my style

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Tuvar Dhal - 100 g
Green chillis -2
Garlic or garlic paste
Jeera, red chilli for seasoning
Corriander leaves for garnishing

Cook dhal in the cooker along with green chillies
Remove from cooker and mash
Add water to bring to the required consistency, add salt.
Add garlic paste while cooking or few pods of garlic . Salt to taste

Remove from fire
Season with ghee ( preferably), jeera and 2 red chillies

Garnish with corriander leaves.

( This is the dish we pay quite a bit at fancy restaurants - I guess there the ghee for seasoning is generously added - for that price they should add much more)


  1. This is one my fav now..had made it twice...easy to make..great with rice..Only one change i used masoor dal..since thoor dosent cook well in microwave...u shud try masoor might like it!!


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